Shopify Across the Pond
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Shopify across the pond is a 100% Shopify related podcast, focused on bringing the latest news, development, and discussion on Shopify for UK based Shopify merchants. Each month, we'll bring an episode with a key member of the Shopify community to discuss apps, strategies, and processes aimed at helping you launch, grow and automate your Shopify business. Shopify across the pond is proudly created by Blend Commerce, a Shopify Expert Agency.

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    Can personalistion help my Shopify store?

    In this episode of Shopify Across the Pond, Shahram Anver, co-founder of Data Cue, discusses how personalisation can help Shopify merchants boot sales.

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    How will Brexit affect my Shopify store?

    In this episode, Rachel Bowditch and Jan Malicher discuss how Brexit may affect Shopify store owners and how planning ahead can help.

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    How can I use data to grow my sales?

    In this episode, John Chao, former Linkedin data scientist and co-founder of Segments by Tresl, talks to Adam about how to use data more simply to grow your Shopify store sales.

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    What is Shopify and how does it work?

    In this episode, Jonathan Kennedy, founder of Carson and Storetasker, chats to Adam about how Shopify works and the Shopify eco-system.

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